Testimonial #1

“I have been a partner of Carer Solutions Australia for two and a half years, and I am very much enjoying the experience – particularly, with regard to it allowing me the flexibility that I require to manage my team of Support Workers.

The recruitment process is easy, and I can employ someone that I have interviewed one day and, have them potentially work for me a couple of days later. This is a vast improvement on what I have experienced using other “traditional” agencies.

In addition, using Carer Solutions Australia has been a breath of fresh air in the sense that I am able to negotiate individual support worker hourly rates. This has made a huge improvement in being able to encourage good support workers (Well done Carer Solutions Australia!).

Invoicing is really well managed and makes it very easy to follow monthly expenditure and manage funds more effectively”.

Testimonial #2

“Finally I have discovered a solution which allows families with respite funding their choice of support worker.
It also takes away the administrative burden of hiring your support workers directly.
What this means is that if you have funding for a support worker you no longer have to worry about a support workers’ inconsistency, unreliability, or lack of understanding of your requirements; you can use the money for a support worker who is already familiar with your loved one that needs to be cared for’s specific needs.
I have found Carer Solutions Australia to be knowledgeable, friendly and genuine in their desire to help families such as ours.
Thank goodness someone has finally filled this gap in the care sector!”

Testimonial #3

“We have been with Carer Solutions Australia for over 12 months. It is the BEST decision I have ever made, they make everything stress free!
I employ the workers I want and they get paid above award rates and, now work more hours with the same funding limit.
Thank you Carer Solutions Australia for making my life so much easier”.

Testimonial #4

“I commenced using Carer Solutions Australia in February 2013. I was starting on Direct Employment but I did not want the worries of keeping up to date with wages, insurance policies, award changes, superannuation and all administrative tasks associated with using Direct Employment.
For a small fee Carer Solutions Australia, looks after all of this which allows me to spend more time doing the things I enjoy.
I had intentions of just using them for a short time until I got more confident with how everything worked with handling the whole process of Direct Employment; however, since then I have decided that because Carer Solutions Australia does such an excellent job and takes all the worries out of it I will be remaining with them.
Support workers are paid on time and I am left to manage my roster and arrangements with my support workers.
Well done to all at Carer Solutions Australia. I would definitely recommend them to others in the same situation”

Testimonial #5

“We have been using Carer Solutions Australia for over a year. Our life has improved so much in that time.
The flexibility of having our own staff without the difficulty of having to worry about the administration.
One of the biggest issues I had in the past, was the frustration of having to go through a third person to make any changes no matter how big or small. As any one that cares for someone would know, life does not always stick to the schedule, no matter how carefully it is planned.
I have my own team of support workers, I am able to plan our schedule to suit our needs, and be flexible enough to make changes to suit both ourselves and our support workers.
I definitely feel more in control of our lives and my support workers are happy and, it is so much easier for all involved.
The way that Carer Solutions Australia works suits my family so well, we can utilise our daughters package much more effectively, they are great people to deal with, I love the straight forward, no nonsense approach under which they operate.”