We are here to support you through these uncertain times

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We empower our partners to employ the support workers of their choice

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We empower our partners by allowing REAL choice and control

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We deliver a person centred approach

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Welcome to Carer Solutions Australia

What will this type of service do for ME?

Our service is available to anyone in the community who requires care and, would like to employ the support worker/s of their choice.

We refer to our clients as our partners as, once you engage our service we view it as a partnership.

Our service is delivered literally to your door with those interested in using our service, able to make an appointment time with us to come and visit with you, at home, work, a coffee shop wherever is convenient really!

During this time we discuss your requirements and tailor the service to your individual needs.

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Information regarding COVID-19

We recognise that these are uncertain times and we are reaching out to address some thoughts you may be having around how Partners and Support Workers engage during this period.

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