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How Andrew connected with his support worker, Steve

For parents of four adult children, Trish and Alistair George were enjoying their life as empty nesters, when their son Andrew had a stroke.

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Trish and Alistair

Andrew was born with an angioma of the brain, and doctors told Trish and Alistair that he would most likely live to be about 35 years of age, and then have a stroke and die.

Alistair explains that Andrew did indeed have a stroke when he was 35, but fortunately he didn’t die, however the stroke did leave Andrew without use of the right side of his body.

After his recovery in hospital, Andrew needed to return home to live with his parents as he required ongoing support and care.

The George family utlise both our Direct Employ and Plan Management services and have been Carer Solutions Parters since we began 12 years ago.

Alistair explains just how easy the whole process is.

“We can ring up, we know who we are talking to, which department we go to and we get good correspondence each week with our funding, where we’re standing, what we’ve spent and what we have left.”

The family connected with Steve via a mutual friend who suggested that Steve would be a great support worker for Andrew.

Steve says he and Andrew both share similar interests which includes wood and metal work, and together they visit the local East Ballarat Men’s Shed three times a week.

“We’re a good fit actually. We’re very similar in personality – he has a good sense of humour and he’s just nice to be around,” he explains.

Trish and Alistair found comfort knowing that Andrew can get out in the community and have a genuine sense of purpose.

“I wouldn’t like to think that’s he’s not doing the same thing all the time, that he’s doing something different and learning something different.”

Having the freedom to employ support workers they know mean that Alistair and Trish can have some much needed time to themselves, while Andrew can be supported to be more independent.