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A mission to bring stylish, adaptive fashion into the mainstream

JAM was founded five years ago by Emma Clegg and Molly Rogers, who saw a need for adaptive and inclusive fashion that was both funky and functional.

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Emma, Jack, Molly and Maddie

JAM the Label was born from an idea of two Occupational Therapists and Disability Support Workers Emma Clegg and Molly Rogers, to “shake up the mainstream fashion industry”.

It was through working with two of their favourite clients, Jack and Maddie, that they realised just how difficult and uncomfortable getting dressed was for them both.

“We looked around for more suitable clothing options and quickly found that whatever was comfortable and easy – for them and us – was not cool or suited towards young people wanting to express themselves through their fashion choices,” co-founder Emma explains.

Emma and Molly recognised that people with disability, who make up 15-20 per cent of the population, had been excluded from mainstream fashion. So, it became their mission to build an adaptive clothing brand that would enable young people to express themselves through their fashion.

Now celebrating their fifth birthday, Emma and Molly reflect on just how far JAM has come in such a relatively short period of time.

“There have been some really cool moments for us that at the time just felt surreal, but being able to reflect on them now makes us very proud.”

You may have seen the adaptive fashion label make headlines at last year’s Australian Fashion Week, when disability advocate Chloé Hayden, wore the iconic “Fix The System, Not Me” trench in Australia’s first ever adaptive fashion runway.

Australian Fashion Week Adaptive Fashion Runway

Emma also says launching on Australian online fashion retailer The ICONIC as part of their ‘Adaptive Edit’, has been a memorable and significant achievement for the duo and their label.

“We often reflect on our greatest achievements being the impact we’ve been able to have on our customers. Receiving feedback or product reviews on how JAM has helped an individual’s day to day life or given them the dignity and confidence they deserve from their clothing is what we are most proud of. “

As Emma looks to the future, she says she hopes that JAM can lead by example and show how to include people with disability in an authentic and meaningful way.

“In the next 5 years we would love to see ‘Adaptive Clothing’ become a fashion category that enters the mainstream retail industry and become a widely known term just like ‘Maternity Wear’.

We’d love to see it too, and have no doubt that Emma, Molly and the JAM team can make that vison a reality!

You can check out their awesome range of products here.

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