Payroll Service

You choose your team— we’ll handle the admin!

At Carer Solutions Australia, you identify and recruit your own chosen support workers and we assist you, in your role as the employer.

We help you retain ultimate control over the people who work with you or your family member, the hours they work and the tasks they perform. 

We help with:

  • Payment of wages
  • PAYG income tax
  • Superannuation
  • WorkCover insurance

Simply approve your support worker timesheets and we’ll take care of the rest!


Who can be a Support Worker?

  • Your child’s teacher’s aide who is looking for some extra hours 
  • A peer mentor with experience in the challenges you’re facing 
  • A family friend that knows the best way to communicate with your child 
  • Someone you met through a support group that easily relates to you 

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Important points about Carer Solutions Australia — key terms and responsibilities 

What is a Partner?
Clients of Carer Solutions Australia (CSA) are referred to as Partners. The Partner is someone living with a disability who wishes to engage a support worker to provide them with the care and support they need. Once the Partner has their funding in place—either from the NDIS, private or other sources—they select their Support Worker and approach CSA to manage the administrative side of the arrangement.

What does CSA do?
We support Partners to directly employ the Support Workers they need. We provide a number of initial and ongoing services. Including a fortnightly payroll administration service to ensure our Partners are meeting their obligations as an employer. However, we are not the legal employer of a Partner’s Support Worker(s).

What doesn’t CSA do?
We don’t find or employ Support Worker(s) for our Partners. Partners, or their family, are required to find the Support Worker(s) they need. We also don’t determine what the working relationship looks like. This for Partners and Support Workers to define together.

If I am a Support Worker, who do I work for?
You are employed, and therefore work for, the individual or family seeking support (our Partners). We simply facilitate the payment of your wages; make sure the correct amount of PAYG Withholding tax is withheld and sent to the ATO; that your superannuation is sent to your nominated super fund and; work with our Partners on insurances.

What if my funding is NDIS Agency Managed?
Due to the nature of the way that the NDIS is structured, CSA is only able to offer our payroll service to Partners whose funding is NDIS Plan or Self-Managed. We are unable to facilitate our payroll service for Partners who are NDIS Agency Managed.