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Directly employ people you already know and trust as your Support Workers.

We support you to directly employ people you know and trust as your Support Workers without the need to go through an agency.

We do all the tricky stuff. You do you.

Careers at Carer Solutions

The traditional starting point for accessing Support Workers

Traditional agencies and online platforms are a great place to start when organising Support Workers. But what happens when they can’t meet your needs?

Based on your preferences, needs and location these options may just not be the right fit.

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The Support Workers on offer are random.

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The Support Workers that may suit your needs aren’t available in your area.

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You have someone you know and trust, that you’d like to support you.

That’s where our Direct Employ service comes in

The NDIS guidelines allow for participants to employ Support Workers directly. That’s all well and good but the idea of figuring this out on your own is just too tricky for most families.

We believe that the NDIS vision around choice isn’t just a statement, but that it should, and can be a reality for every participant and their loved ones.

That’s why we’ve designed our service to open up your choice of who supports you and your loved ones.

    • The Carer Solutions Direct Employ Model

      Our Direct Employ Service Model

    Carer Solutions Direct Employ

    Our Direct Employ Service Model

    The Carer Solutions Direct Employ Model

    Traditional Agency

    Traditional Support Worker AgencyModel

    The Traditional Support Worker Agency Model

    Online Agency

    Online Agency Model

    The Online Agency Model


    Support Worker Online Marketplace Model

    The Online Marketplace Model

    The Benefits of our Direct Employ Service

    Our unique service enables you to:

    • Employ people suitable for your needs

    • Determine the pay rate with your Support Workers – agree on the best rates for you and them

    • Be in control of who you want to employ and when

    • Our expert team manage your payroll and compliance obligations

    • We keep you across the latest updates from the NDIS and our community

    What about the cost image

    What about the costs?

    The good news is, there’s no sign up, membership or monthly fees.

    Our service fee is only a percentage on top of the hourly rate you agree with each Support Worker you employ.

    So you only pay for the service when you use it.

    Once you approve and submit timesheets, we take care of everything, including paying wages, Superannuation, PAYG tax and associated costs. We also cover off all of the tricky stuff for you including; long service leave accrual and WorkCover insurance.

    Our Direct Employ service has:

    • No limits
    • No cancellation fees
    • No default maximum charge per hour
    • No hidden or extra fees

    Want to catch up? How about a coffee?

    We’re a personal bunch and we love to meet people and learn more about them, especially in person.

    We can come out to your home, meet you on your lunch break or catch up via video—whatever suits you.


    Personalised Plan Management with a difference

    Managing day-to-day life and an NDIS Plan can be a nightmare, without having to engage with multiple providers.

    To cut out the number of organisations you need to work with, we offer a full NDIS registered personalised Plan Management service.

    Much like our Direct Employ service, we take a human approach.

    We get to know you and how you’d like us to manage paying your bills, then take care of them in the way that works for you.

    We pay your provider bills and assist with the financial management of your NDIS Plan, so you can get on with life.

    To make it easy to track your spending, we give you easy to read weekly statements of funds and monthly statements of spend.

    We’ve always got your back, so we’ll help you plan, track and monitor your spending. And if anything gets a bit tricky or complicated, as a human bunch, we’re always only a phone call away.

    Our personalised service means:

    • We pay your invoices in a way that works for you and your providers 

    • You can track your spending with weekly statements of funds and monthly statements of spend

    • We keep you up-to-date with the NDIS price guide lingo – to make it easy for you to understand

    • And, we’re always only a phone call away