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Directly employ people you already know and trust as your Support Workers.

Support Worker agencies and online platforms are not your only option.
We can assist you in directly employing the Support Workers you choose, on your terms. Power to you.
Andrew and his support worker Steve

What we help you with in our Direct Employ Service

We become your back office so you can confidently employ the Support Workers you choose, without having to manage the ‘tricky stuff’.

Our Direct Employ service goes beyond paying wages. We facilitate everything:

  • All employer financial obligations
  • Employer insurances and compliance
  • Plus we keep you up to date with NDIS changes and key information

You simply approve and submit your Support Worker timesheets and we’ll take care of the rest!

Ready to get started or would you like to chat?

Call us any time 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 1300 729 839 or let us know a time to call you back.


Who can be a Support Worker?

There are many possibilities of who you can employ as a Support Worker.
Anyone. Literally anyone. dependant on your needs. As long as they can satisfy mandatory requirements relevant to the State you live in.

Once you’ve found the right person or team for you, we’ll then deal with all the nitty gritty, such as police checks, compliance and onboard them up as your employees to get you on your way.

Examples of who you can employ as a Support Worker:

  • Your child’s teacher’s aide who is looking for some extra hours
  • An Occupational Therapist that has availability to work part time
  • A peer or mentor with experience in the challenges you’re facing
  • A family friend that knows your family and connects well
  • Someone you met through a support group that easily relates

Our Simple Sign Up Process

We’re all about getting to know you. And we know your time is valuable.
So it’s important for us to go through how our service works with your personally, so you can decide if it’s right for you.
If it is, we make super easy for you to get started.
  • Dot point icon
    We start with a phone call

    Before we dive into the nitty gritty, we like to start with a chat to learn about you and what it looks like to live your best life. At this point, we give you an insight into our service and you can decide if it feels right for you.

    If it does, we’ll organise a time for a proper catch up to talk through the details. If you’d like, you can invite either your – Local Area Coordinator, Support Coordinator, a translator or even a Support Worker you are thinking of employing.

  • Dot point icon
    Then we have a good catch up

    Every person is unique and so is our service. During this time we talk details and cover off any questions you have so you feel confident to make a decision around using the service.

    We’re all about human connection so we’d love to come to you and catch up in person, but we can also do video calls if that’s easier.

  • Dot point icon
    We send you all of the documents you need pre-filled

    We send you all of the required documentation with your information pre-filled to make it easy for you to review and complete.

    We also include easy to follow documents for your chosen Support Worker(s) to complete so we can set them up as your employees.

  • Dot point icon
    You and your Support Worker(s) send us your completed documents

    Forms are boring, we know. But it’s important that we have all the documentation complete and correct so you can get started as soon as possible.

  • Dot point icon
    You’re ready to go!

    We send you and your Support Worker(s) Welcome Packs with handy instructions to get started – hooray!

Important Key Terms and Responsibilities

Here’s a quick guide of key terms we use and responsibilities related to our Direct Employ service. You can also check out our Knowledge Base to find out more or give our friendly expert team a call at any time on 1300 729 839.

What is a Partner?
At Carer Solutions we refer to our Clients as Partners. The Partner is someone living with a disability who wishes to engage a Support Worker to provide them with the care and support they need. Once a Partner has their funding in place—either from the NDIS, private or other sources—they select their Support Worker and approach Carer Solutions to manage the administrative side of the arrangement on their behalf through our Direct Employ service.

What does Carer Solutions do?
Through our Direct Employ service we assist our Partners to directly employ the Support Workers they need. We provide a number of initial and ongoing services, including a fortnightly payroll administration service to ensure our Partners are meeting their obligations as an employer. However, we are not the legal employer of a Partner’s Support Worker(s).

What doesn’t Carer Solutions do?
Unfortunately we cannot find or employ Support Worker(s) for our Partners. Our Partners, or their family, are required to find the Support Worker(s) they need. We also don’t determine what the working relationship looks like. This is for our Partners and Support Workers to define together.

If I am a Support Worker, who do I work for?
Through our Direct Employ service you are directly employed, and therefore work for, the individual or family seeking support (our Partners). We simply facilitate on behalf of our Partners the payment of your wages; make sure the correct amount of PAYG Withholding tax is withheld and sent to the ATO; that your Superannuation is sent to your nominated super fund and; work with our Partners on insurances.

What if my funding is NDIS Agency Managed?
Due to the nature of the way that the NDIS is structured, Carer Solutions is only able to offer our Direct Employ service to Partners whose funding is NDIS Plan or Self-Managed. Unfortunately we are unable to facilitate our Direct Employ service for Partners who are NDIS Agency Managed.

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