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The New Social Platform Connecting People with Disabilities

Alvie is opening up a new world of possibilities for people with disabilities to make friends and create genuine connections online.

Celebrating Community
CEO of Alvie Steve Bear

The first-of-its-kind social platform aims to facilitate meaningful friendships by connecting people with disability with like-minded people who share similar life experiences, interests and hobbies.

Alvie is designed to be used by anyone over the age of five, and matches people with common interests, making it much easier to connect with others. Maybe you’re a footy fan who wants someone to join you on the sidelines every week. Alvie can help connect you with a potential footy friend.

Alvie was founded by CEO Steve Bear, who spent many years running overnight camps for children with disabilities, seeing first-hand how difficult it can be for children with disabilities to find friends who they can relate to.

“From my experience of working with many children with all kinds of disabilities, I understand that loneliness and isolation is one of the biggest challenges these kids face on a day-to-day and can lead to lack of personal and social development, as well as an increased risk of mental illness.”

Steve explains how the app connects members by age, location, interests and hobbies so you can make more meaningful connections, one match at a time.

“Building Alvie was an opportunity to give people with disabilities at any age, a safe space created specifically for them, where they can feel comfortable, accepted for who they are and experience more social interactions that will hopefully form into meaningful friendships.”

If you want to give Alvie a try, the good news is that it is free for the first three months as the Alvie team build their community (no credit card or banking details required). If you sign up during this free period, you will receive 50 percent off your membership for life!

To learn more about Alvie, or to sign up for the free trial go to