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Rosie showcases her rural life in Art Exhibition

Rosie is showcasing her artistic talent through her own art exhibition 'Characters on the Farm'.

Celebrating Community
Rosie Treasure and her goat

We love celebrating our community – especially our Partners like Rosie Treasure, who is achieving great things and pursing her passion.

Rosie, 20, lives on a small farm in Tasmania with her mum and brother, where she has nurtured her artistic talent, finding inspiration from her everyday life.

“My animals are everywhere – a goat on the car, a chicken in house, a pony out the window and so many dogs sleeping under the table. The land is always changing from the different seasons and different light, and I’ve spent a lot of time out in the paddocks with sheep and cattle,“ she explains.

Rosie’s paintings are a bold but fun reflection of her beautiful environment, and she says she has been painting since she was in nappies.

“Mum would put me under a willow tree on the farm with paint and paper and let me go for it.”

Rosie is hosting her third art exhibition on 14 February 2024, called ‘Characters of the Farm’ in recognition of National Regenerative Agriculture Day.

Rosie painting

At this ‘paddock-to-paint’ event, she will be launching six new paintings, all celebrating the love of her rural life.

Rosie acknowledges that she wouldn’t be able to put on these exhibitions and promote her artwork, if it wasn’t for the support of her community.

“Artists need support – whether you have ‘normal’ ability or disability – but I’m lucky because I have my creative mum, my former high school teacher mentoring me, and support from lots of people around me,” she says.

The event will also raise money for Riding for the Disabled and raise awareness about being kind to animals and kind to the soil.

Rosie encourages other people with disability to pursue their passions.

“Look away from what everybody else says or does and look out into the world and just do it. Do what makes you happy. “

You can check out Rosie’s artwork and events on her website.