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Meet Emma Price, CEO & Founder of Source Group

Bringing positive energy and experiences to the community.

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Emma Price, CEO & Founder of Source Kids and Source Mama

Meet Emma Price, Founder and CEO of Source Kids, long standing friend of Carer Solutions and all-round wonderful human.

If you haven’t yet heard of Source Kids, it is Australia’s first (and only) magazine for parents, carers and professionals of children with special needs, that has expanded to encompass an energetic national Expo and event series and most recently Source Mama— a platform dedicated to Mums.

When Emma’s daughter, Charlotte was diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder, Angelman Syndrome in 2013, struggled to find any information, support for her.

“We couldn’t find products or services to help Charlotte and this is what drove me to set up Source Kids,” says Emma, from her home-base in Noosa, Queensland. “I have a background in marketing and communications and decided to start a magazine.”

The first edition, published in 2014, was met with great support. “It was all very positive,” says Emma, “a lot of people said, ‘About time!’ and told us that they’d been looking for information for so long. Many older parents also shared that they wished something like the magazine had been around when their kids were little.”

The free magazine, distributed nationally, set the foundation for a community of support that now also connects through social media, online and Source Kids Expos.

Source Kids Magazine Covers

“When we started in 2014, our total reach was 55 000 people per year,” says Emma, “and now we reach 400 000 people per month.”

This exponential growth shows the strength of the community that Emma has built through Source Kids.

“So much of it is about building connections and community,” she says.

“Our families walk into our Expos and feel comfortable and supported amongst their own community. This can be challenging in other social settings where they may be stared at or made to feel awkward.”

It’s this authentic and heartfelt connection that has seen the relationship between Source Kids and Carer Solutions also grow.

“Carer Solutions is one of our partners and we have a great relationship with them and in connecting our community with the services that they offer,” she says. “We have a lot of synergy in the way we operate our businesses and a shared intention to help people with disabilities find the assistance they need to live a great life. Carer Solutions is unique in their tailored and personalised approach to what they do.”


Source Kids Expo Perth
Source Kids Expo Perth


Emma looks forward to holding Expos again as the country’s Covid restrictions ease and will continue her work as part of Charlotte’s legacy.

Charlotte passed away in 2019 and Emma acknowledges there would be no Source Kids without her.

“Families get so much out of what we do at Source Kids, our own daughter did and having her encouraged us to be able to do what we do and help other people with disability,” says Emma, “Charlotte has left a strong legacy.”

Learn more about Source Kids here, and Source Mama here