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Direct Employ service making solo holidays for parents a reality

Find out how our Direct Employ service is enabling parents to take much needed holidays, while their trusted support workers take care of their children, providing peace-of-mind.

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Laura and kids

Have you ever dreamed of a holiday without your kids? No one to pick up after, no meals to cook, no lunch boxes to pack. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?

There’s no doubt that every parent dreams about going away on a solo holiday, but for parents of children with disability, the idea of travelling on their own can seem completely unobtainable.

Carer Solutions Partner and mum of two, Lauren, has been a stay-at-home mum for the past eight years, while caring for her two autistic boys, Archer 9, and Oliver, 7. Her husband Derek works long hours to support the family, which means Lauren was at home with the boys all the time.

Lauren’s sister lives in England, and when she gave birth, Lauren never in her wildest dreams thought she would ever be able to visit her and meet her new niece. She had trialled many support workers over the years to help with Archer and Oliver, but she was never able to establish any trust with the support workers she had been sent via an agency,

But, after discovering Carer Solutions and their Direct Employ service, Lauren was able to employ her own support worker after a friend highly recommended Laura to the family.

Laura already had experience as a support worker and onboarding her as Archer and Oliver’s support worker marked a pivotal point for Lauren and the whole family.

Carer Solutions assists families like Lauren’s to set themselves up as formal employers and employ people they may already know. Carer Solutions take care of all the time-consuming stuff such as payroll obligations and insurances, giving families all the support they need, to employ their dream support team.

“It totally eased my mind, having Laura onboard. She is firm but fair, and she is capable of reining the boys back in so that they keep their routine – they just love her,” she explains.

Not only does the Direct Employ service provide respite and peace of mind for Lauren, it has also afforded her the freedom to take a three week holiday to the UK to visit her sister and niece. She had not seen her sister for more than three years and was finally able to meet her baby niece for the first time.

“Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever though that this could even be possible – but with the support of Laura it totally is.”

Another Carer Solutions Partner, Elizabeth, who is mum of three autistic kids, was also able to travel overseas for the first time since becoming a mum over 21 years ago. Thanks to Carer Solutions, she was able to employ her favourite support worker, Sebastian, who was able to support Elizabeth’s children while she enjoyed the trip of a lifetime in Europe.

The trip was such a success, that Elizabeth has recently returned from her second solo European vacation, thanks to the support of Sebastian.

The unique service also provides flexibility for families to holiday together and employ a support worker at their holiday destination. That way they can avoid paying high overnight pay rates by bringing a support worker from home on the holiday with them.

“I encourage other mums to reach out to Carer Solutions and get the support that I now have. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is totally life changing.” Lauren says.