About CSA

Why are we here?

“Dedicated to delivering a people centred approach to those with disability ensuring they have access to fundamental care arrangements; to secure them the best quality of life possible.”

  • We have extensive experience
  • We are flexible
  • In today’s busy world families and individuals need assistance encouraging and empowering  them to be as independent as possible.
  • We are here to alleviate the ‘administrative duties’ associated with employing a support worker from the  families and individuals.

aboutOur Unique Service

How are we unique?

We empower our partners by allowing them to locate and hire their own support worker/s that are specific to their individual needs.

Our partners task is to ensure support workers are trained for the specific needs, set the hours they work, approve the support worker timesheets and send them in to us.

Support Workers will be paid on time, accurately with all associated payments taken care of.

We monitor our partners funding arrangements AND deal with the funding body to ensure the correct funds allocated.

Features of Carer Solutions Australia’s service
  • Flexibility in support worker choice
  • Reduce the administrative burden
  • A low cost alternative
  • On-going co-ordination support
  • Ensure support worker employment obligations are met
  • Work within, and understand different funding arrangements
  • Give clients back a precious resource…time

Who can utilise this service?

If you’re coordinating care arrangements for another you can utilise this type of service.

You may:

  • have someone in particular you would like to use as your support worker, and
  • have some way of funding that support worker

If you require care, have a specific support worker (or support workers) you would like to use and have funding for that care, then Carer Solutions Australia can assist you!

Why go down this path?
  • It alleviates the administrative burden. Giving client’s the flexibility of finding the support workers’ they want in their home.
  • Its tailored to your needs.
  • Its personable
  • It will not charge more than the families receive in funding. The rates are negotiated between the partner and their support workers in a bid to ensure one hour of funding will equal one hour of care.
  • Fees are capped. Support Workers will not be paid the minimum with Carer Solutions Australia pocketing the rest.
  • This model is extremely unique in the broader disability sector.