Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the NDIS with CSA

Our ability to assist you in employing the Support Workers of your choice is dependent on how you manage your supports.

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Can Carer Solutions Australia arrange funding?

Carer Solutions Australia does not arrange funding, we don’t employ Case Managers or Facilitators.

Who can utilise our service?

If you or someone you know requires care for any condition, and they have access to funding for one or more support workers,contact Carer Solutions Australia. We’re also happy to talk with Case Managers, Facilitators, Social Workers, Parents or anyone interested in assisting families make the process of employing support workers simpler.

What forms do I need to complete?

There are a few simple forms to fill in initially since we need to know about you and your funding arrangements. After this initial paperwork, all that is required is simply approving timesheets at the end of each pay period and sending them to us.

How soon can I start?

Once you’ve signed up with Carer Solutions Australia you can immediately start using your chosen support workers. Naturally your support workers need to also complete some forms and ensure they have the required checks in place.

How can I send in the timesheets?

Timesheets can be faxed to us, scanned and emailed, sent by regular post or you can use our online timesheet system (and help save the environment).